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Welcome to SamuOffTheRoad

We are Samu and Susi and with this project "SamuOffTheRoad" we try to share our travel experiences with other like-minded people. This is mainly about motorcycle trips, motorcycles, motorcycle technology, screwdriver tips, camping and everything that is related to motorcycles and travel. We have been traveling by motorbike since 2012 and have accordingly gotten around a bit. We will publish travel reports from our exciting motorcycle adventures at regular intervals.


Since life is not just one constant and our priorities and circumstances change, we will not only report on motorcycle trips, but also on hikes, bike tours, road trips with the van or backpacking with our son, for example


The project "SamuOffTheRoad" should grow and not only contain travel reports. We already have some projects in mind, such as photo galleries, videos, tutorials, online shop for calendars, postcards, souvenirs and maybe some online video lectures. We will publish all of this in due course.


If you find our project exciting, then just stay tuned and feel free to browse our site to discover other exciting information, or subscribe to our social media channels listed below. If you would like to learn more about us, just look under the menu item "About us". If you can help us to make our project grow, then simply get in touch with us using our contact form.


Bild mit uns

I'm Samu and I've been traveling my whole life. Ok - I've been dreaming of it my whole life and have been traveling by motorbike for over 10 years. I was born in 86 and grew up in Romania. I work with 3D printers, and I'm father, too.

I'm Susi and I'm also a travel enthusiast, whether by motorbike, hiking, by bike or car, I'm always ready to go. I was born in 1993 and I am a teacher and mom. In my blog I write about our current family trips.

Both of us, together with our son Adrian, are the unbeatable team behind "SamuOffTheRoad" which pretty much describes what we are really passionate about.  

Unsere Reisephilosophie

Wir haben über die Jahre einige Erkenntnisse für uns gewonnen. Diese möchten wir mit euch teilen.

  • Warum brennen wir also für Reisen? Was hält also unser Feuer für Reisen am brennen?

  • Ist das nicht Gefährlich? Risiko und Sicherheit

  • Geld und Ausrüstung

  • Zeit und Geld

  • Reisemathematik

  • Wann holst du dir ein neues Motorrad?

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