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Our Vehicles

These are our bikes that we have had the most fun with over the last few years. Husqvarna is fairly unknown as a motorcycle brand and BMW, who owned Husqvarna for a while, couldn't change that. Husqvarna was strongly represented in motorsport but was only known worldwide as a chainsaw. 

Why Husqvarna have we often been asked?

I always say it's actually a BMW 650 and has tried and tested technology. With the sleek design, the red color, the proven technology and the lower weight than the actual 650 from BMW and the unbeatable price/performance ratio, it was for us and the best travel enduro ever :)

Aussichtsplateau in Georgien


Husqvarna TR 650Terra

Husqvarna TR 650 Terra

This is the Husqvarna that I (Samu) own. We own it since March 2017 and it has come into our possession with 22500km. Since then she has seen a lot of the world and currently (2023) has 111,000 km. The only thing that distinguishes my motorcycle from Susi's is a moose sticker :) 

Husqvarna TR 650 Terra

This is the Husqvarna that Susi owns. In April 2016 it became Susi's first and only motorcycle. With 4500km and for 4450€ she changed hands. Since then she has had to go through many adventures and now (as of 2022) has almost 90,000km, but has now been logged off for a while. The only thing that distinguishes Susi's bike from mine is a camel sticker. Kamelku is a play on words and consists of: camel, melc (snail in Romanian) and elk (moose). Camels are Susi's favorite animals, she also likes Samu's motorcycle (the moose) and Susi usually drives "ca melcu" (Romanian for: like a snail - she thought it up herself!=))


Husqvarna TR 650 Terra


Suzuki GSF 600s Bandit

Suzuki GSF 600s Bandits

This is the machine with which we got to know motorcycle touring. We bought it 2012 with 36,000km for 2100€. With it we visited some countries in Europe and experienced our first adventures. The Bandit now has 96,000 km and is not at all tired of traveling. But since we got the Husqys, the Bandit has mostly been standing around, but I still have some plans for it. I will never sell it and if it should not run anymore, it will have a place in my living room :)

Suzuki DR600s

The DR was actually my first motorcycle, which I bought in 2007 for €600. But I didn't get my driver's license until 2011 and the motorcycle was always in the way of my father's yard, which he often complained about :) I prepared it and registered it almost 10 years later after buying it. It was a great bike that I had a lot of fun with, learned to ride on gravel and gave Susi a taste for enduro bikes. However, I sold it for various reasons.


Suzuki DR 600s
Mercedes Benz Viano 4Matic

Duba (minibus in Romanian)

Mercedes-Ben's Viano 4Matic

In the meantime, our fleet has grown, so the small car had to give way. So far we have also traveled by car, for example to Sicily, but mainly we wanted a bus so that we could be on the road in the cold, wet and, above all, long seasons. The Viano came to us in 2020 and being on the road with it in winter just feels good.

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